The management of General Frigolog Kft. has identified that quality and food safety during food transportation are of crucial importance.

In order to serve our clients’ needs to their entire satisfaction and assure them that their merchandise is always transported in perfect quality, safety and food safety to their customers, General Frigolog Kft. operates using the regulations and standards of Global Standard Storage & Distribution, which is an internationally admitted quality management and food safety system.

During transportation, we take into consideration environmental protection regulations and aspire to minimize our environmental footprint. The management is committed to continuous development and minimizing our energy consumption.

Our company employs and cooperates with qualified and continuously trained people who are aware of the requirements of food safety and capable of fulfilling all the specified tasks to the fullest detail that serve the needs of our customers. We always keep up with and comply with current laws.

We aim at getting acquainted with our own mistakes, revealing their sources and giving effect to make corrective actions that will inhibit us from repeating them.

The management of the company practices ethical market behaviour both with its subcontractors and customers and expects the same from them.

General Frigolog Kft. continuously improves its methods by setting objectives, achieving them, checking their efficiency and applying corrections if needed.

By fulfilling all these, GFL would like to satisfy its customers

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